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Thank you to everyone who purchased a bull on our Annual Bull Sale.

Next years bull sale will be April 5th 2022 - we look forward to seeing you then!

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Our bull offering this year is our best set of bulls yet! Power and performance in a moderate framed, easy keeping package. If you are looking for a cow bull to add pounds or a moderate framed heifer bull that doesn't lack in performance, we have the bull for you.


Red Angus bulls are sired by: Bieber CL Atomic C218, WFL Merlin 018A, LSF Saga 1040Y, LSF SRR Grand Prairie 7039E, Collier Finished Product

Angus bulls are sired by: Poss Achievement, Prairie Pride Next Step 2036, EZAR Gold Rush 6001, KG Justified 3023

What can you expect when you purchase a bull from D&D Cattle Company?
First and foremost, you are gaining a relationship with a seedstock producer who wants you to succeed. We are here for you and want you to find the perfect bull for your operation. A bull is an investment that will have an impact on your herd for generations and we will help you make the best choice for your herd goals.
Easy keeping, moderate framed, docile cattle that are built to perform not only in the feedlot but also the pasture. From strong maternal characteristics to good udder quality, our cattle are balanced for every cattlemen's needs. When looking over our genetics, you will see we have stacked pedigrees with reputable sires and dams behind each bull listed here.  
If you have any questions about our operation, this year’s bull offering, or any other questions feel free to contact us!
D&D Cattle Company Red Angus Yearling Bu

D&D Merlin 014H 

D&D Cattle Company Angus Yearling Bull N

D&D Justified 04H