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Cattle feeders and packers recognize the value in cattle sired by D&D bulls. Our genetics are known not only for phenotype and maternal characteristics but also performance on the rail. Multiple factors influence profit and genetics is one of those factors that we can help you with. Over the years we have been collecting data on our calves' performance, looking at key traits not only in an animal's EPD's but also at the bunk. 

Ribeye Steak Ranch Raised Beef Prime

D&D Beef is a branded beef program that Michaela started. All beef sold are D&D Cattle genetics and have graded upper 2/3 Choice and Prime.  Knowing that our genetics will perform is why many of our bull customers retain ownership and sell on the Grid.  

Cattle Performance Data Red Angus Angus Nebraska

The below image is a feedlot close out that Mike, a long time bull customer and friend, provided us of calves he retained. The calves in this data are out of bulls purchased from us.

Mike back-rounded calves at home prior to shipping the 226 head on 03Jul15. The calves initial weight was 885lbs with a finish weight of 1,423lbs. The calves were on feed for 114 days with an Average Daily Gain of 4.72lbs and a Feed Conversion of 5.23lbs, you can't get much better than that!

A local Purina district sales representative asked Dan if we would be interested in collecting feed conversion data on our weaned calves. Our calves were fed a Purina pre-conditioning ration for 14 days they were then switched to a protein and corn based ration that we mix for our calves. The calves had free choice to grass/Brome hay.

Calves were processed and fence-line weaned on 8/29/2015. Our calves are not creep fed and were introduced to feed for the first time at weaning.

The following table represents our steer and heifer performance from 8/29/2015 through 9/18/2015.


Cattle Performance Data Red Angus Angus Nebraska
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