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Dan Braesch and Family

D&D Cattle Company was started by Dan and Duane Braesch with a goal to provide moderate framed cattle with performance and style. Today D&D Cattle is run by Dan & Marilee with the help of their family. 

Helen and Duane Braesch

Duane & Helen Braesch

Angus cow calf pair

Docile Disposition

It doesn't matter how great a bull or cow is, if they have a bad temperament they don't stick around.


Our cattle are easy to handle and many customers comment on our bulls' docility. We utilize low stress handling techniques and work with their natural instincts. By foot or ATV, you will find that D&D seedstock are easy to handle. 


Our cattle perform not only in the pasture but also in the feedlot. Cattle feeders understand the extra value they can expect with cattle sired by D&D Cattle Co. bulls. With years of carcass and feedlot data collection, our customers know how our cattle will perform for all of their needs. If you are keeping females for herd replacements or selling steers on the grid, we've got you covered.

Red Angus and Angus Cattle

Dependable Genetics

Red Angus Cow in Nebraska

At D&D Cattle Company, we know the cows are the foundation of our herd and we are as good as our poorest producing female. That being said, our females are held to a high standard in regards to their maternal ability, fleshing ability, temperament, and performance. We are critical of our females; not only their phenotype but each calf’s performance

Our herd is built on years of careful selection for moderate milk and growth traits, fleshing ability, fertility, and disposition, producing a herd of females that excel in many highly desirable traits. Every cow in our herd has earned the right to be here meeting our high standards. 

Our naturally born calves are raised with no creep feed. Why is the important to us? We want the weaning and growth data they exhibit in their EPD to be a true reflection of the actual performance of the animal. Not only that, without creep feeding we can see the true productivity of the dam as well, which helps us make the best culling decisions for our herd.

You can count on D&D genetics to perform for every ranchers' needs.

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